Halloween Yarn Ball Wreath


Sooo cute! Strangely enough this is my first time seeing these :\ Lol. I love this I’m sooo glad I stumbled across this.

Yarn balls are super easy, you don’t even need glue! Grab a bunch of Styrofoam balls of all sizes… yarn in 3 colors that you adore and start wrapping. No glue needed! Just tuck in the end piece when you’re done! You will need loads about 30

A (wire) wreath-form anchors the lovely BOB! (That’s bunch of balls!)

A glue gun that is high heat and high heat glue sticks are your other tools…turn the wreath form so it looks like a bowl and start laying out the first layer…

After the first layer is glued on turn the wreath over and go over each ball with more glue.

build on that first layer…you can get carried away!




I found these on write it down and on all things heart and home 😛



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