What are you thankful for?


Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I figured that I would post a few things that I am personally thankful for.  A lot of times people take for granted the things that they have in life, even the small things we should be thankful for, and even when something doesn’t go as planned we should still be thankful because there is usually a lesson learned in the end.

♥ 1.God-  Always loving, Always forgiving, Always there.

♥ 2. My Children- Everyday they bring a smile to my face, their innocence warms my heart, and in their eyes I can do no wrong.

♥3. My Mother- From the beginning to the end she will be by my side. My support, my best friend, when times get hard and I have no where else to turn her door is always open. Although we have our ups and downs and don’t always agree its been nothing but love. When I don’t know whats best for me she does. Her heart holds all the answers that I search for on my journey through life.

♥4. My pets- I know they wont be around forever but I cherish each moment I spend with them their love in unconditional.

♥5. My friends-Nothing like having a good group of friends to be able to talk to share your thoughts and feelings with, to take a break from the stress of the day and relax and spend time with.

-Things about me that I’m thankful for-

♥ 1. Being a good person.- I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be, but what I am is a good person. I wear my heart on my sleeve and go above and beyond to do for others even what I can’t do for myself at times. I genuinely  care about people and their struggles. I believe that everyone needs to know and feel like there is someone out there somewhere that cares for them.

♥2. My sense of humor- I love to make people laugh, and I love to laugh as well. Laughter really is the best medicine.

♥3. My passion and ability to read- I love reading! I try to instill that in my children, reading is such a calming, peaceful thing to do. There are so many benefits from reading! Plus like I tell my kids you use your imagination and its like your very own movie as far as your imagination will take it.

♥4. Being Creative- Its good to have a hobby and to actually be good at it! I love making crafts and painting with my children it really give us a special time to bond, times like these will be with your kids forever, and influence them to do the same when they get older and have kids of their own.

♥5. Just being me.- I am thankful that I can just be myself and be content with it.


-Other things I’m thankful for-

♥1. The seasons- I enjoy every season change. I love all the beauty that nature naturally provides to us. The color of the flowers in spring, the warmth of the shining sun in summer, the turning of the leaves in fall and the glisten of the snow in winter.

♥2.Bubble Baths-Nothing like a nice hot bath to take the stress away (when the kids are not beating down the bathroom door lol.) Wonderful way to unwind.

♥3.The Ocean-Living this close to the beach is amazing. Every time we visit  I find myself gazing out over the ocean and it still amazes me.

♥4. Music-I love music how many times have you felt like a song was wrote just for you, or you hear your favorite song and you just wanna sing it at the top of your lungs? Music taps in to our emotions and makes us feel.

♥5. The Internet (lol)- Some days I love it some days I hate it lol. The internet has made life much more simple, which is good and bad. I’m thankful for it because I can reach out to people and meet new people I would have never known with out the internet, my children can keep in contact with their grandparents and family out of state, and I can do work, blog and relax with all the information I could need at my fingertips, even on the go!


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