Pumpkin Pie In A Bag!


So today I volenteered at my daughter’s school for Pilgrims Day, The had a ton of stations set up where the kids “cooked!”

The kids made butter,cornbread,Cranberry relish, and Pumpkin pie in a bag! I loved the pumpkin pie in a bag idea so I figured I would share it with you!

Pour 1  1/3 cups of cold milk and 2-4oz boxes of vanilla pudding into a ziplock bag. Remove air.

Knead the bag for one minute.

ADD 1-15 oz can of pumplin 1 t cinnamon and 1/2 t ginger. Remove air. Shut the bag and knead again until well blended.Set aside.

Put Graham crackers into another Ziplock bag and crush them (I use a rolling pin)

After crushed, add 2-3 Tbsp Graham crackers to the bottom of a cup  cut a hole in the corner of your Ziplock bag containing the pumpkin mix to pipe in to the cups. After adding the pumpkin mix to the cup top off with whipped cream and enjoy!


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