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Popochos Awesome Watches!


Oh em gee these are so cute! These are a must have for anyone they come in so many different styles and the coolest part is they have snap on covers so you can change the look of your watch to match any outfit. I love the fact that the time is digital! That is great for kids! These come in so many styles and colors that they are perfect for Kids, Teens, Men and Women! These would make awesome Christmas gifts! I’ve add their links below the pictures make sure to go to their website and look at their amazing prices and selection!


Smart Cover Product Review

So excited just received an E-mail from Nancy Roberts from Smart Cover Cosmetics! I am so excited to review this product! Check out their Facebook page and be sure to like them!


Smart Cover Cosmetics helps you to easily hide your skin imperfections on your face and body, from birthmarks to varicose veins. Smart Cover is more than ordinary makeup and will be your secret to looking great and feeling empowered every day. This revolutionary concealer has been developed by Flori Roberts, the original creator of Dermablend® and the leading authority in Camouflage Makeup. Smart Cover has been used by thousands of satisfied customers and is recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons around the world. It’s waterproof, allergy tested and is non-comedogenic. Finally a concealer that works for everyone!