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KDragonfly Designs

Wow! KDragonfly Designs has some of the most wonderful items I’ve seen and the great thing about these are that they are all handmade! Which means no 2 items are alike each one is individually made. KDragonfly Designs specializes in Wall/Door Signs, Greeting cards (great for the upcoming holidays! -wink) name plates and name blocks! These items would be great for weddings or any other occasion where you would like a touch of elegance! She also does customization! These are really all great gift ideas! Who doesn’t like one of a kind gifts! I know I do. You can link to her Facebook page here –http://www.facebook.com/KDragonflyDesigns?sk=info You can also check her items out at her personal  blog here http://kdragonflydesigns.weebly.com/
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Being a better parent.


Times have changed so much in such a short time family and home life are nothing like they used to be.  As a parent of two small children I can personally say my parenting style is far different then how my mother raised me.  With so many of us caught up in the hustle of everyday living and responsibilities sometimes our children can be over looked and brushed off, as parents its never our intentions to hurt our children and we may do so unknowingly, I myself am guilty of doing this, especially if I am pressed for time and trying to get something done by a deadline. These are 5 guidelines I try to stick to, to ensure that my kids are getting their fair share of my time and attention.

 5.  Listen.

I can not even being to tell you how many times my daughter has approached me talking about the same kids in her class. (Kindergarten) I understand she is excited about all her wonderful new friends but I get so tired of hearing about them 7 days a week. I’m guilty of pretending like I’m listening when in actuality I’m not, so I figured everyday when she gets home from school we will sit down at the table look over her work and while shes having her snack I will actually start the conversations about her friends at school and what they all did today. That will give her the opportunity to tell me then all the stories she has to tell me instead of coming to me 30 times in 5 minutes to tell me what all the different children did or said that day. Its vital for your children to have that one on one time with you it really means something to them when you take a break from what your doing to spend time and talk with them.

4. Weekly Special Outing

Staying in the house besides work, school, and errands can be so damaging to all relationships. We try to plan a weekly outing on our off days, besides the routine things we do we try to add something special for the kids to look forward to. We let each of the children pick what they want to do and we do it. Movies, Drive-In, Park, Game Room, Shopping, A walk, football game no matter what it is, it can make a difference. 

3. Family Night

This is one of my favorites, I love family night. On the days that the weather is bad, the weather is bad or we just don’t feel like getting out family night is refuge.  Movies, crafts, baking, board games, coloring making tents in the living room or all the above! This is a great time to step away from the computer and really get some special time in with your family.


How many of you have had a bad day at work or just a bad period. I know I do, I sometimes feel as if I’m prone to bad luck lol. So by the time I get home my nerves are shot and my stress level is off the charts. I’m quite snappy and irritated and quick to be sassy. I’ve figured out the best thing to do is just relax. Sounds simple but with two rowdy kids this task can be tricky. If I’m feeling overwhelmed instead of taking it out on my husband or kids, I ask my husband to keep them entertained while I unwind. Nothing makes me feel better than taking a hot bath, washing my face and putting on my pajamas! 

1. Be Happy

When your children see you happy…they are happy. I can still remember seeing my mom happy when I was a child. I felt joy in knowing that something made her happy her smile was the world to me, I can feel that same love from my own children now, when I smile they smile. To a child you are their world, the day begins with you and the night ends with you. Its important that we take time out everyday to nurture them and show them how much they mean to us.

The Sili Squeeze Sqeezable Snacks Made EASY!


So I’m up early this morning checking my fav blogs and searching for awesome deals to share with you and I came across something super cool!



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