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Avery Like Us Promo


Avery is giving away 20,000 samples of Avery® See-Through Sticky Notes 

And 100,000 Box Tops (10,000 value) to 5 winners school of choice.

All you have to go is go to the Avery Facebook page and click the like tab enter your info and that is it. 

Contest Ends Oct 25th!



Fall Fun Prints!


Came across this wonderful idea on Martha Stewart’s website I can remember doing this as a kid!

Her instructions below:


Crafts enthusiasts have long known that a potato can be cut in half, carved into a stamp, and used to decorate everything from cards to cloth. Another idea is to use an apple and allow its natural shape to be the dominant decorative motif. Simply cut the apple in half from top to bottom, press the flesh side against a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture, and cover that side using an ink pad in the color of your choice. You can use this apple on bags, cards, book covers, or virtually any surface of your choice. Be sure to hold the apple down firmly and apply equal pressure to the top and sides. Reapply ink after each application. Once the image has dried, you can use a paint marker to add a stem and leaf.

If you want a thicker image, you can brush fabric paint onto the surface of the apple. Set the paint by allowing it to dry, placing a press cloth over the image, and using an iron set on medium.


For more family fun ideas visit her page:http://www.marthastewart.com/crafts